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“I’m Not Sugar...”
Is it possible to be silky smooth and painfully gritty at the same time?
How about racy and reverant?
A soft touch as well as a hard hitter?
How can any artists be at such opposite ends of a spectrum and still be just one person?
Quite easy, but only if the artist happens to be Gloris.
       Gloris, whose real name is Gloria, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and peotess with eclectic styles rivaling some of the most unique vocalists of our day. The two songs that it was my good fortune to hear, "Sugar" and "Mr. Lonely", are idicative of the diversity of this artist, whose vocal power adds a one-of-a-kind bounce to any track, fast or slow. “Sugar” puts me to mind of the sassy, “smack-down” style of the irrepressible Grace Jones. The only thing that could possibly make this track really smoke is for Gloris to get some musicians or soundtracks that can match her power. And the only thing that can be better than her in the mix is more of her in the mix.

     “Mr. Lonely” is a silky-smooth song she told me she wrote during a bad time in her life. It is haunting, and in it she delivers a sultry vocal performance that made me immediately think of veteran smoothie Bonnie Pointer, with a little Angela Bofill brightness around the edges. Some of the personal experiences she related to me convinced me that she earned every bit of that edge she has. She certainly has a wealth of life experiences from which to draw her writing inspiration.

     The fact of the matter is, this gospel-trained (aren’t all the best ones gospel-trained?) artist has been around for quite some time. With the right kind of production and promotion, she has the makings of a major player. Any of the top labels searching for artists would do well to sign and develop this one. (hint) Arista, Sony, you guys better pay attention. L. A. Reid, if you’re out there and you happen to be smart enough (or lucky enough) to land this one, don’t blow this one, OK? I wouldn’t want to be the one trying to explain how this one got away.

This lady is hard enough to smack you down, but soft enough to make you like it.

Currently, a Website is being constructed for her to showcase her work. As soon as it is completed, it will be made public. 

But in the meantime, she can be contacted by e-mail at this address: 


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