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 Jeff Pyatt, AKA "The Rattler"

No one is more a fan of the direction some styles of music have taken
over the course of the last
10 years or so than yours truly. And
certainly country music is no exception. Like the major league stylings
of artists like
Vince Gill, Toby Keith, and my main man, Garth Brooks.
And the girls...
OH, MY GOD, THE GIRLS...Shania, Faith, Lee Ann, and yes,
even the
Dixie Chicks (say what you want about them, I still LOVE their

Looking out over the horizon, you might marvel at the effect that high
technology has on today's artists. A little
digital delay here, a little
compression there, maybe just a touch of 'verb, anything to make a
sweet track even sweeter.

But nothing impresses me more than when an artist can take all of the
slick nuances of technology and mix it with some
down-home simplicity to
create a
clean sound that can be humble without being wimpy, yet still
command such
absolute power.

It pleases me greatly to report that such an artist is
The Rattler, Jeff

Despite the stereotypically dark nature of his moniker,
Pyatt, besides
being one of the
nicest guys you ever want to meet, has quite a gentle
spirit which can be experienced by just listening to his work.

I was pleased to receive two of his tracks, "
Open Highway", and "Do You
Still Love Me
?", which I played immediately. The very first thing I
noticed was that I
didn't get attacked by the "monster twang", or as I
sometimes call it, "
Telecaster terror". This is truly serious music from
a serious artist.

Because of the fact that he is also a
professional trucker, "Open
" shines as such a genuine and believable piece that it almost
made me consider going out and getting a license and hitting the road.
He is not just an
artist, but a storyteller, transferring his
experiences into
chromatic novels for the world to enjoy and learn from.

Without compromising on the use of the latest technological innovations
in musicmaking, Jeff delivers his work in a "
take-me-back" style that is
sure to appeal to a very wide
cross-generational audience, providing
simplicity for the older listeners as well as keeping with the dynamics
for the
younger set. I am certainly looking forward to excellent future
from this artist, The Rattler, Jeff Pyatt.

Jeff, your work has certainly put country music back into a high
position on my list of favorites
. Congratulations!

B. K. Hart
DSR Records/Hart Music Co./Forest Pro Music


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