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            Ok.. It has come to my attention that there are a lot of skeptics when it comes to XM Radio. It seems that we have those that say “I ain’t payin for no stinkin radio!”. When the reality is as follows, if you listen to the common AM/FM radio anytime. You are being led around by what the program directors and record labels think you should listen to. Therefore, by constant exposure to select programming you are listening to what they think is good and not what you would really like to be hearing. New and innovative music in not being programmed in on a regular basis. Unless the artists/songwriters enslave themselves to the record labels for a number of years or even worse a manager/agent, who in turn pays the “Indie” promoter which in turn pays the Program Directors/Stations to play the music, they are left out in the cold. The end result of AM/FM programming is a lot of music with no true message. To the contrast XM Radio is paid by the listeners, therefore the listeners are the “Program Directors” so to speak. Cutting the labels out of undue money and reverting it back to the artists. The price you pay for XM Sat. Radio is a simple $9.95 a month after the purchase of the receiver, but the price for AM/FM is the freedom to listen to what you think is good, not what someone else chooses for you. You pay your own price.

What is POP music other than what the fat cat labels think is right for you to listen to.

     **The following is simply a best guess on these figures, the actual ratios are not available to me at this time, but I am working getting these figures.**

AM/FM radio plays on the average only 40 to 60 different songs in a given 24hr. period.

XM radio plays on the average from 200 to 350 different songs in a given 24hr. period.

You pay $120 a year for XM Radio, in that years period between the two, per day, you are getting a guestimate of the difference of 290 per day or 8,700 per month or 105,850 extra songs per year…. Now take 105,850 and divide it bye the $120 you pay each year and it gives you somewhere is the neighborhood of $ 0.0011336797354747283892300425129901 per song. And that is just the extra songs not the amount equal to the ones being played by the AM/FM stations............Enough said?


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