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              Seems to me that in our country today we have a lot of unsung heroís. They donít ask for very much, just an honest dayís wage for an honest dayís work. They are afflicted by many things however. First, a management regime that continues to demand more without paying more while the legalities and paperwork continue to expand without any end in sight. There are good men and women out there trying to do a job with honor and integrity every day. Yet these fat-cat large companies are hiring hooligans and criminals out of who knows where to join their ranks because they know these individuals will do what it takes whether legal or not to get their pay. So, where does this leave the honorable individual? Out in the cold. These hooligans have filthy mouths and minds, they are never satisfied with anything, and are constantly whining and complaining even when the sun is shining and conditions are good. So, when conditions finally do get bad and it requires diligence and stamina to survive. These individuals are the first to fail, complain, and give up. So the good image of these unsung heroís is tarnished and dirtied up once more.

             Consider this unsung hero for a moment. Let me describe for you this individual from the core of who he or she may be. Understand that their sacrifice can never be completely repaid, their life never be completely repaired, and the time lost never be recovered. They get up early as they are only allotted a certain number of hours to rest, there is no such thing as Morning and Evening Ė only work time and sleep time, they work longer hours than 90% of us do, they are rarely late as time is one of the most important commodities to them, they are concerned for your safety and their own but would rather make the sacrifice than to see another injured, their diligence of duty is always intact, they sacrifice personal comfort and family time for duty, they grab recreational time as they can without interfering with their duty, when ill they are almost guaranteed never to be close to their family physician and usually become sicker than most because of their work environment, some of the places they are forced to travel to you wouldnít go into in the light of day but they must transverse it in the dark of night, they are always on call and usually get only one major holiday a year with their loved ones yet you never hear their voice in complaint, you never feel the almost arthritic pain in their back or the ache in their heart from the loneliness of their work, you never see the weariness on their face - feel the fatigue in their mind or the burning of their eyes from over work. What could subject someone to all of this and to top it off their industry hasnít had a pay raise in decades. As far as I know not even a cost of living raise. It just gets split into smaller pieces with these heroís getting an ever shrinking piece of the pie as costs spiral out of control and forces them to work for the fat-cat large companies alongside of the hooligans and criminals that are tarnishing their good name.

             If you would for a moment, step out of your comfort zone and into the real world where you fight for survival, and look at these people, these heroís that take their life in their hands every day simply by doing their job.

             If you have not yet ascertained who Iím speaking of it is the Truck Driver. The one whose home is no bigger than a small closet. The one that is at the mercy of so many things such as the elements, the price gouging merchant that knows he canít go anywhere else to get his supplies, the criminals that try to steal his freight or his home or his money, the women that try to infect him with disease and poison his soul in every truck stop across this country, or maybe itís simply you and me the consumer that complains about paying that one extra penny on an item at the store so he can make a decent living and not have to work for that large company that is so disgusting.

            BUT KNOW THIS - 99.9% of everything you own they have brought to you in some form or another.

            Even when we went to war they took the armaments, the supplies required by our soldiers, the fuel, and yes even the ammunition and explosives to the ships, planes, and trains headed for the battlefield.

            When our nuclear waste needs to be transported for disposal they move it.

            When the military moves missiles they move it.

            When you go to Wal-Mart and buy a simple little clothes pin to hang up your wet clothes to dry, remember, a truck delivered it to the store.

            We never seem to think about how it got there.

            The only time we think of Truck Drivers anymore is when there is a wreck and when that happens the constitution is thrown out the window. In the insurance companies eyes the truck driver is automatically guilty. They pay people not to go to court with them. No matter the situation or what will come out in court, they just pay off the party involved. Thus the drivers insurance goes up. They are guilty until proven innocent and never get the chance to be proven innocent. They just have to pay out more in premiums because someone wanted to sue the insurance company. Whether they are right or wrong doesnít matter.

            I guess what this is all building to is this. I think itís time that the Truck Driver got the credit he deserved. He makes sure you can get the things you heart desires at the stores and the things you need to stay alive. Just imagine a time with no trucks. There would be a food shortage along with an everything else shortage. You would remember how badly he was needed every time you had to wipe your derriŤre and there was no paper. (How do you think them trees get to the sawmill to be turned into paper and then get to the market for you to buy?)

            So if I might impose upon you for a moment, I want you all to write to your congressman, senator, or even your president. Ask them why they havenít done something about the cost of being an independent truck driver. Cause theirs is the next part of the American Dream to go. The Family Farm is just about completely gone, and the independent trucker is going to get the axe just like they did. The government lets the cost of operation spiral so far out of control that the little guy is squeezed out and canít afford to operate. Then the corporations take control of the industry and they say ďWell, it creates jobsĒ. Only by forcing people to go to work for someone else instead of working for themselves where they could support their family and not have to live paycheck to paycheck because the corporation is absorbing the profits from the industry. Of course, the government will come in at the last possible minute, knowing full well that it is too late to save the industry, but it looks like they tried so no one will be mad at them and they loose their cushy jobs. Thatís been the plan all along, to eradicate the small biz and go corporate. Our government has been supporting the large companies that have been throwing all of that lobbying money around. Heaven knows the small guys canít afford to have their voice be heard. In conclusion, if we loose the independent truck driver along with the family farm then we all loose. If this goes unchecked it will eventually make its rounds through every small business category in America. Then we all go to work for the corporations and there is no longer an American Dream.




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