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             Well last month I let you see what a musician in the industry thought about file sharing, I hope you read all she had to say. Because this is a very controversial situation right now and Iím sure everyone is awaiting the outcome.

             This month I would like to take a look at a P2P program called KaZaa. File sharing is one of the biggest issues on the internet right now, if you take Download.com's  top ten of the most popular downloads, you will notice that 6 of them are file sharing programs. Iíll bet the musicians are now upset over this new MP3 program that allows people to download any music they want. Napster was a mega hit, but it was shut down, and now we have the new KaZaa. What is KaZaa? Itís a Filesharing program that allows you to download the file of your choice. It is not only used for downloading songs, but you can download a full program, a movie, or even a video. You can do so many things. You share your files with others and enjoy the fun together.

             This program is easy to download, and once you download and install the program then you can start enjoying the benefits. Itís very simple to use, but if you have a dial up connection the downloads will take awhile. If you are connected to the internet with DSL or  a Cable connection, well then it will be a breeze to download files and enjoy them. If you donít have MTV or any other forms of Video pleasure then donít worry because with this program you can now download any Video and watch it on your computer! What about a movie that you wanted to watch, but it didnít come out at your local theater? Well you can now download any movie you wish, as long as someone else has it, and watch it from your home on the computer! Give the authors their due though and purchase what you can.

              Despite legal wrangling, the company released a leaner version of its super popular P2P app. The new KaZaa allows you to download groups of songs as a single item, search the Web from within the program, and includes a new rating feature that keeps you from downloading corrupt files--a move that counters efforts by record companies and movie studios to dilute networks with subpar records. Plus, 2.1 offerís customizable skins, but you need to watch the install. The install wizard lists an optional piece of ad software called SaveNow that doesn't have anything to do with KaZaa, so if you don't want to mess with a third party make sure you donít check it or get a little program called Spybot- Search & Destroy itís a great program for getting rid of spyware.

              Kazaa 2.1 also installs Cydoor, a program that delivers targeted ads, which unfortunately, you'll have to live with. Take comfort in the fact that Kazaa isn't the only file-sharing program that drops these types of annoying programs and ads onto your machine. During installation, you can also customize KaZaa's filters (select the Family Filter if yours is a G-rated household) and choose whether you want additional icons. Also new, anti-virus protection now comes with KaZaa so that your shared folders are automatically scanned each time you log on to the service or initiate a download. While file sharing still poses a risk, we appreciate that Sharman Networks is watching our back. You can also customize KaZaa's look by downloading or creating your own skins--nice.

              It's a great program which has fantastic features, good download speeds and a user base of over 1 million people. Wow! However, there are niggles with this program that make it annoying use at times (all mentioned above) which does bring down the rating. It's still the best all-purpose file-sharing client available on the net though, and I can't see that changing for quite some time now. Morpheus was the king, but due to its changes, it's had to hand over its crown to KaZaa. If you would like to read more about KaZaa you can go to http://www.kazaa.com/ until next month enjoy the world of the internet.




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