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   Well first of all I would like to welcome myself to Forest Pro. ”Welcome Johnny”, “Thank you, thank you very much.” And to all of you out there welcome to Forest Pro News and Reviews. I remember when a friend of mine introduced me to my first multitrack recording device it was a Tascam 4 Track that recorded to a cassette tape. We used to set around for hours recording or own music. Now, with the advent of computer technology, for the price of a 4 track you can have 128 tracks. If you search the stores or the internet you will find that you can get a program that far surpasses most recording equipment that you can purchase for the same price. And you already have a computer to start using this software while equipment you would have to go purchase the 4 track, cables and so forth. Each month I will try to bring you just a little bit of information about some of this software that is available for the musician out there, and my opinion about it. Just remember what Gary said about opinions, everyone has their own. But unless you are already a big musician making lots of money so you can purchase the mixing board, effects machine, and a whole host of things that you can get from one program I say try it here first then invest. 

Cool Edit Pro 2.0 claims up to 128 tracks of audio playback, even with relatively slow computers. What makes this possible is a clever premixing technique that works in the background as you record and edit... If you use a laptop with a 5400-RPM hard drive and an older/slower Pentium, CEP2 is about the only multitrack audio program that won't leave you screaming in frustration. For stereo audio editing, CEP2 is great...I particularly like some of the little touches, like scripting and being able to define a loop length down to the single sample. CEP has always had legions of devotees who appreciate being able to get something this good at such a reasonable price. I'm sure their devotion will only increase when they see 2.0's array of new features.


128 stereo tracks

 32-bit processing, 24-bit/192kHz and higher sampling

 Powerful wave editing with multi-level instant undo and redo

 More than 45 DSP effects

 Real-time effects

 Real-time EQ on every track

 Busses for track grouping

 Direct-X plug-in support

 CD ripping

 Loop-based song creation, including session tempo and key matching

 Compressed loop file format (*.CEL file)

 Thousands of free loops from

 High quality sample rate conversion

 Video (.AVI) soundtrack editing

 MIDI playback support

 Mixer window

 Envelope control of Volume, pan, effects mix and some effects parameters

 Function scripting

 Batch-Processing and file conversion

 BETA CD-Burning Plug-In

 Automatic silence removal

 Beat sensing

 Zero cross adjust

 Timed recording

 Cue/Play lists, with auto-cue features

 Wave properties including labels, loop info, EBU extensions and sampler info


 US-428 and Red Rover hardware controller support

 Data Analysis, including Spectral View, Frequency Analysis, Phase Analysis, Statistic and Histogram

 SMPTE/MTC master and slave

 MIDI trigger support for program control

 Supports over 20 file formats, including:

Windows PCM (.wav), mp3PRO® (.mp3), Windows Media Audio 8 (.wma), Cool Edit Loop (.cel), CD Audio (.cda), Windows Video (.avi), Apple AIFF (.aif), Next/Sun (.au), Amiga IFF/8SVX (.iff, .svx), ACM Waveform, Dialogic ADPCM (.vox), Raw PCM Data (.pcm), Sound Blaster Voice (.voc), 8-bit signed raw (.sam), Diamond Ware Digitized (.dwd), Sample Vision (.smp), IMA/DVI ADPCM (.wav), Microsoft ADPCM (.wav), Windows IEEE float (.wav)

 Friendly, customizable interface, with dockable windows and customizable keyboard shortcuts

 And more!

 Cool Edit Pro has been long venerated as a high-quality audio editing tool. For many of my friends and colleagues, this program is their audio production tool of choice. This is my first time using the program, and I have to say that I was pleased with how well it worked, as well as all its cool effects, especially the restoration and forensic tools...So here's the deal: If you're looking for a powerful Windows digital audio editing program, download a demo of Cool Edit Pro and check it out. And if you don't want to spend an extra $625 on controller hardware, have Syntrillium send Red Rover right over when you buy your copy of Cool Edit Pro. At $378 for both, it's a bargain. "

 Next month Ill look at Sonic Foundry's "Soundforge 6.0" and if anyone knows of a freeware equivalent to any of the software that I review please send a link to it so that I may be able to offer a free download to those that cant afford the software I review.  Take care till next time and happy recording.



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